Dodge Drivetrains Explained

When shopping around for a brand new Dodge vehicle, it is only natural that you would want to learn about all of your drivetrain options. At your local Liberty, NY Dodge dealership, you will find a vast selection of reasonably priced Dodge vehicles that our sales staff will be happy to show you. If you are unsure of the drivetrain you need for your driving criteria, our team at M & M Chrysler Jeep® & Dodge will go over the drivetrain options in our new Dodge inventory and answer any of the questions that you may have.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

When you happen to live in a region that will sometimes give you snow or rain, you may want to think about going with an all-wheel drive Dodge vehicle. The AWD systems are always on, helping by way of electronic sensors that will make the determination of which wheel need the vehicle’s power the most, either the front or the rear wheels. Let us show you what the AWD-programmed 2017 Dodge Durango can do!

Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD)

RWD is the classic drivetrain that has been around since the dawn of automotive history. With a rear-wheel drive vehicle like the 2017 Dodge Charger, you are going to have better weight distribution for nimble handling and less wear and tear because your front tires are not going to have to work on the dual task of pulling and steering the car.

When you are ready to find out what is your best choice in a new Dodge vehicle, our staff at M & M Chrysler Jeep & Dodge will be happy to set you up to take a model or two for a test drive. You will find our dealership conveniently located at 131 Mill St., or you can give our sales team a phone call at (877) 259-7493 to go over your options in drivetrains and vehicles.